Intelligent scents. Your way

Create one of a kind home and body fragrances. CINQ puts scent creation back into your hands. Through the combination of the patented Artificial Intelligence & diffuser technology from SMP Gmbh with the unique CINQ design up to 8.000 scent combinations can be created to match your personal aroma profile.

Custom fragrances, sleek design

CINQ diffuser creates no noise or residue while complementing your interior. Control scents yourself or let CINQ do the work autonomously — it`s always up to you.

Create fragrances yourself or leave it up to CINQ. Learning from your preferences, CINQ can mix and diffuse scents with complete autonomy after a few days already.
Enjoy custom scents anytime, anywhere. CINQ fragrances make any occasion memorable — family dinner, business meeting or a date — you name it. Your CINQ diffusers are portable and can be positioned in different rooms.
CINQ device
Forget about smell fatigue and traditional boring static scents. With up to 8000 scents that adapt to your mood and emotions every 15 minutes, CINQ never gets old.
Combine fragrances that match your personality like no other. CINQ complements your unique style and makes it unforgettable.
Fragrance meets Artificial Intelligence

We use the first-of-breed technology in perfumery developed and patented by SMP GmbH that creates custom fragrances based on your tastes and usage patterns.

With artificial intelligence, CINQ learns from your interactions with the diffuser through a connected app, and forecasts the scent combination you will enjoy most in a particular moment.

Precise in its diffusion, CINQ autonomously adjusts the intensity of 5 custom fragrance accords and orchestrates up to 8000 unique scent combinations.

AI chart

Small with minimal design (9 cm diameter, 13 cm high)
Charging via USB
Lights up with custom colors
Fragrance cartridges that last for a month of continual use
Creating the scents you`ll love

CINQ partnered with the leading fragrance producers.
Together, we developed basic perfume accords that later comprise your unique

CINQ matches 5 accords to your Fragrance Preference Profile and mixes them together for the novel scent experience tailored to your special moments.

If creating a signature scent is a craft of its own, your CINQ diffuser is like Picasso of the fragrance world.

Simply order and start individualisation
Order your Scent Master Kit (SMK) containing several samples to identify your personal fragrance profile. Available in Q4 2018.
Once your fragrance profile was created you receive the CINQ diffusor including the first five cartridges ready to be mixed according to your preferences. These cartriges are selected personally for you from thousands of possible combinations with the help of artificial intelligence.
Voila! Using artificial intelligence we constantly analyze your preferences and determine the perfume accords that best match your fragrance profile. We mail you custom accord refills each month. You’re free to change, skip or cancel your subscription any time.
Don’t take our word for it
Fragrance is evolving

Coming soon

Your commute is about to get easier. Have your signature scent follow you anywhere.
Your signature perfume. Turn each scent combination into a bespoke fragrance and change it for dynamic self-expression.
INQ Me / mini / pod
CINQ Bracelet
Stay in touch with your custom scent. CINQ Bracelet diffuses perfume onto your skin to match your unique style anytime, anywhere.
CINQ Bracelet
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